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Pipa Hotel Datong

Pipa Hotel Datong is located in the south of Qingyuan street in the center of the ancient city of Datong. It is the oldest shop in China. It is named after Zhaojun's passing through Datong. It has a history of more than 2000 years. It is a villa style inn with cultural characteristics in the ancient city of Datong. Within a kilometer radius of Laodian, there are five key cultural relics under state protection (Huayan Temple, Shanhua temple, Jiulongbi, Guandi temple hall, Drum Tower).
Hotel decoration style to reflect the Datong cultural customs as the theme, Pipa old hotel guest room more than 20. In the design of the hotel, after many arguments, fashion and safety are considered. The independent air conditioning avoids the mixing of air between rooms; All floors are designed with ventilation corridors to keep good ventilation; The pattern of single villa makes your private space more secure; Star Investment to ensure that the disinfection of toilets and guest rooms can be guaranteed; Intelligent equipment and network to meet your business needs; Security day duty system, so that you are safe night and day at ease; Datong famous scholars outline old store culture consultant, give you the design of tourism routes and local culture explanation; Millennium old store, trustworthy; Who can give up a century old brand?
In addition, there are Qiyin wine chain stores in the hotel to experience wine culture of more than 10 countries. Pipa's aim is to make the customers satisfied and moved, and strive to build a first-class folk custom and cultural Inn in Datong.

Breakfast price: CNY20($3.1) / person
Breakfast time: 07:30-09:00
Breakfast type: Buffet


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Pipa Hotel Datong
Tel: +86-352-3781666
Add.: 56 meters east of Huayan Temple Square, south entrance of bell tower